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Wu Shuang Pu - Table of Peerless Heroes

The figures are from a book of woodcut prints (Wu Shuang Pu) originally published in the late 17th century (33rd year of Kangxi reign, 1694, by a painter known as Jin Guliang. This book that has been reprinted at numerous occasions consist of of wood block prints, is called Wu (No) Shuang (Peerless, parallel, rivaled) Pu (book, score) contains the painter's imagined portraits of 40 heroes and heroines from the Han to Song dynasties. In his forewords to the volume, Jin stated that these exemplary characters were no longer seen, therefore, no parallel, wushuang.

The original source are a set of woodcuts of paintings by Jin Guliang of the edition with introduction dated 1690. The set was reprinted as [Wujin, Kiangsu Province : She yuan, 1929] and in 1992 [Hebei mei shu chu ban she (Shijiazhuang Shi), ISBN-10: 7531008157] and has been reprinted at numerous occasions.

The information on this page was collected by Arno Jacobs, based on information from members of the Gotheborg Diuscussion Board, Mr. Xujian Cui, Wikipedia and some other internet sources, and Georg Weishaupt's book 'The great fortune'.