Antique Chinese and Japanese Porcelain collector's help and info page



Huanghuali - The principal hardwood used for furniture from the mid Ming until the first part of the Qing. Now almost extinct it is native to some parts of southern China, the colour ranges from golden yellow to an orange/red.

Zitan - The densest, most expensive and most prised of all woods, imported mainly from Indochina it's colour is a dark brown/purple, occasionally with brilliant golden flecks.

Jichimu - Known as "chicken wing wood" it has a dramatic grain, which often has an alternating brown and grey-feathered pattern.

Jumu - A type of elm, this softer wood was widely used to make furniture in both provincial and more sophisticated styles in both the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Nanmu - Highly prized for its light even colour and resistance to shrinkage, Nanmu (Cedar) was often used in conjunction with other woods.

Hongmu A term often used to describe hardwoods especially those used today.