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Spit pot. For the Dutch market, small rounded pot with side loop handle. From at least the tang dynasty in China also a fully rounded type occurs with a wide rim and no handle.

The traveller Ellis Veryard noted in 1701: No people in Europe are so neat in their house; the meaner sort being extremely nice in setting them out to the best advantage. The women spend the greatest part of their time in washing, rubbing and scouring, that their pots and pans are kept brighter without than within. The floors of their lower rooms are commonly chequered black and white marble [sic!] and the walls and chimneys covered with a kind of painted tiles; their upper rooms are often washed and sprinkled with sand, to hinder any moisture from staining the boards. You had almost as good spit in a Dutch woman's face as her floor, and therefore there are little pots or pans to spit in.