China and Sweden, Treasured Memories, Forbidden City exhibition 2005

The Swedish exhibition of Chinese Porcelain at the Palace Museum, Beijing, 2005

Second Section

Chinese Porcelain in Swedish Collections
Ru yao

Brush washer, Ru ware

30. Brush washer, Ru ware
Hebei Baofeng Xian, Northern Song (960-1127)
H. 3.5 cm, Md 13 cm, Fd 9 cm
Collection of Röhsska Museum, Gothenburg, inv.

Stoneware (ci) with ash gray rather well fused body, covered by a transparent, blue green glaze (fenqing), intentionally crackled glaze fired in reducing atmosphere. The dish is completely covered by glaze except on the three symmetrically placed spur marks.


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