China and Sweden, Treasured Memories, Forbidden City exhibition 2005

The Swedish exhibition of Chinese Porcelain at the Palace Museum, Beijing, 2005


First Section - The legacy of the Goteborg 1743-17451-29
Second Section - I - Chinese Porcelain in Swedish Collections - Ru ware30
Second Section - II - Chinese Blue and white Porcelain in Swedish Collections31-56
Second Section - III - Tin glazed European Earthenware 'faiance' Copying Chinese designs57-61
Second Section - IV - Chinese Export Porcelain with Patterns and Shapes for the Western Market62-150
Second Section - V - Chinese export purple clay 'yixing' (buccaro) ware151-152
Third Section - West Meets the East: the Western Style Porcelain in the Forbidden City153-168
Forth Section - New Development in Archeology:
Johan Gunnar Andersson and the Yangshao Culture

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