A visit to Jingdezhen with Bo Gyllensvärd, in 1992

Monday 21 September

We arrived in Beijing Sunday night. Already at the airport we hired the taxi that picked us up, to be at the hotel on Monday morning at 9.00 AM.

Jinsong antiques market

There were only a few shops open when we arrived so we could take our time to thoroughly examine the small stores that were open. Jarl, Erik and Bo were great companions to have in this type of business ventures so we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

Two warped and misfired "kiln wasters" apparently dug up somewhere around Jingdezhen ended up costing 30 Yuan including a box. Two small Kangxi jars, one of which had a lid, and a burial jar in the shape of a grain silo from the Song was about 750-800 Yuan altogether. Song ceramics and blue and white Minyao here and now is about 200 Yuan per piece but much more if it is really good. It is remarkable how much copies and junk there is in the market. Perhaps this is what keeps the prices down on the real thing. We had western buffet at a Japanese hotel, and then went back to Jinsong.

Friendship Store and Bargain Alley

In the afternoon we visited the Friendship Store, and the Bargain Alley that turned out to be more Alley than Bargain. The good thing was the assortment. Not that much in Western taste.

Preliminary program for Beijing:

  1. Liulichang - antiques street, where there is paintings. This was the Palace's old antiques street that is now restored.
  2. The free antique market .
  3. Altar of the Eart
  4. Konfutius temple
  5. Llama temple
  6. Yuanmingyuan
  7. Altar of Heaven
  8. The Forbidden City and the temporary exhibition there.
  9. Look for books, formerly at the Beijing Hotel, alongside Chang'an Road.
  10. Art Gallery at the sky altar.
  11. Some of these destinations could be combined so with two each day we can cover these and perhaps a few others , such as:

  12. Friendship Store
  13. 21th Century Hotel and First China International Auction .
  14. Bargain Alley
  15. The National Museum
This is my diary as it was written in Jingdezhen and Beijing the 4-24 September 1992,
after an invitation and journey to study the recent findings from the excavations of the Imperial Ming Kilns at Zhushan and other aspects of the ceramic history of China, in and around the city of Jingdezhen. My travel mates beside professor Bo Gyllensvärd were Jarl Vansvik and Erik Engel. My eternal gratitude goes to them, Dr Liu Xinyuan and all our friends at the Archaeological Institute of Jingdezhen. Text and photos on this web page are copyright as published © Jan-Erik Nilsson, Gotheborg.com, Sweden 2014.