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Worchester First Period

We have in our possession a "First Period Worcester Dr. Wall Waste Bowl" circa 1765. We do not know the original pattern it came from, ie: "famille rose", "famille qing", "family verte" or another?





Late "Famille Rose" style

Thank you for your picture. You plates looks most interesting. I have to look very carefully at the picture to convince myself they are not Chinese, as a matter of fact -- on the picture it is only the slightly too high foot rims that betray that it might not be Chinese.

Nevertheless the decoration would be called "Mandarin" and the "Famille" it would belong to is "Famille Rose in the neoclassical style of the late 18th century".

The wavy rim border is also perfectly "Chinese export" in style and would date this plate - if it were Chinese to the 1770s.

In this case - though - the influence might very well have gone the other way.

Jan-Erik Nilsson