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X-mas decorations

I'm new to browsing the Internet so have been trying to use search engines for what I have interest in.

Occupied Japan Items have been an interest since I inherited a 3 inch dish - handpainted - and stamped made in occupied Japan. It was in amongst toothpick holders (!) of all things....

I wish I had been more astute back in my college years - things were so much cheaper!! But it has been fun to search for the elusive.....

One thing that I was amazed to have come across was xmas decorations! Tiny metallic beads for a VERY small xmas tree... And it stilll has the paper attachment on each strand that states 'Made in O.J.'....

Have you ever come across these to know the value? Actually, the value doesn't matter - I enjoy the uniqueness! but I was just curious!!!

Beaded garland

I've been collecting for 30+ years and am still learning about it.

As you can imagine, the tiny items you mentioned are usually hard to verify, as the paper tags were discarded as soon as they were used or came off over the years. From your description, I get the idea you're talking about a tiny strand of beads (garland-type). In checking my reference books, I found the following:

Both of these were in Lynette Parmer's Collecting Occupied Japan (1996).

If this isn't what you were referring to, send me a photo and I'll do some more searching.

As for your little hand-painted dish - either send me a photo of that, too, or a more-detailed description. Some of them, especially the portrait types, have become desirable and more valuable.

Now I'm curious - where did you find my name on the internet? One of the greatest benefits I've derived from my years of collecting OJ are the nice people I've met that share my interest. How many OJ items do you have in your collection? Are you aware of the OJ Collecting Club? Are you interested? Let me know if you need any more info and enjoy your pieces of our history. Sam

Ms. Sam Armijo