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OJ Club

My grandmother had a what-not shelf full of OJ figurines, they are now mine and I am happy to here about an OJ club. How do I join?

Welcome to the circle of OJ collectors!

Welcome to the circle of OJ collectors! That is how I got started with my OJ collecting, a gift of 2 small vases, with funny faces, from my Grandmother. Her little gift of love has given me 30+ years of enjoyment and enabled me to meet some wonderful people along the way.

To join the official club, send a SASE to:

The O.J. Club - c/o Florence Archambault
29 Freeborn Street
Newport, RI 02840-1821

I believe the dues are $20 for the year, but the Newsletters that Mrs. Archambault sends out are well worth it. Hint: don't discard them after you read them; they become a good source of reference.

You should be able to find some books at your library. Also look on Ebay, Yahoo and Amazon auctions, as some of the older (but still necessary) books are sold there at a discount. The best reference books to have are:

  1. Occupied Japan for the Home - Florence Archambault (2000)
  2. Occupied Japan Collectibles - Gene Florence (2001)
  3. Occupied Japan for Collectors - Florence Archambault (1992)

The world of OJ collecting is a real adventure. If I can be of assistance along the way, please feel free to contact me.

Ms. Sam Armijo