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Fujian Club You Chang Zi figure

Mr. Simon Ng, City University of Hong Kong, have gracefully suppled us with this interesting piece of information regarding a picure of a Buddhist Monk figure signed by You Chang Zi.

The artist, native of the Fujian province, was a notable early Republic porcelain sculptor working in Jingdezhen.

The mark, reading from top right, says "Fu Jian Hui Guan (Fujian Club) You Chang Zi Zao (You Chang Zi Made)" is sought after but seems to have been widely copied.

Acording to a local saying You Chang Zi liked to make the figure's faces in the likeness to his own. We might therefore be able to use the actual look of this face as an indication regarding the possibly authenticity of any "Fujian Club" mark.

Thank you for your interest.

Best regards,
Jan-Erik Nilsson