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Dragon decorated lidded dish

Dragon decorated lidded dish

I have sent you pictures of a dragon dish that I found 15 years ago in boxes of antiques that were being thrown away. This is the only piece that I kept because of the dragons.

I'm unsure of anything about this piece and if you could shed some light it would be appreciated. I cannot find a potters mark anywhere on the piece, no symbols of any fashion not even on the bottom. It has a few chips and the lid at one time must have been dropped because it was glued back together. The material it is made of is very coarse and almost bone like I suppose you could say. Any help would be so appreciated.

19th century period export porcelain

Dear Sir, congratulations to a nice lidded export dish. It is from a dinner service with a quite unusual decoration, since Chinese dragons probably had very limited appeal to western customers. However there are no difficulties dating the bowl to early 19th century to around 1860, mostly due to its shape. If you can imagine this dish being decorated in the green and gold "Rose Medallion" enamels instead you would easily recognized this shape.