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Small doucai garlic neck miniature vase

I am sending you some pictures of an onion or garlic top vase with doucai colors. It is less than 2 inches high, I think you can see in these photos the seperation between the glaze and the applied enamel on the surface of the glaze.

To me - a 20th century replica

Thank you for your interesting pictures.

To me this vase is typical of 20th century antiques replicas in its style, mostly in such a way that its decoration is a mixture of antique features. Not that anything is definitely wrong with each part - it is just that, the combination does not ring a bell to me, when I try to figure out what period it really belongs to.

Unfortunately, when you ask anybody about an opinion, the answer you get will depend on the experience of the person you ask. Thus you will not necessary get the full truth - only the best he is capable of - to his experience.

I would be quite happy to hear any further opinion on this, since learning, discussing and enjoying interesting pieces of porcelain art, is really what collecting is all about.

Thank you for your interest.

Best regards,
Jan-Erik Nilsson