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Gotheborg Forum Rules, Policies, Participation and Privacy

The Gotheborg Forum and related web pages was started in December 1998 to continue the tradition of scholarly generosity set by my own special mentor Prof. em Bo Gyllensvard, by offering a place where collectors and specialists alike, can combine their expertise in their various areas - into one big knowledge resource. Here, a global collector's community can share their experiences towards unbiased appreciation, understanding and authentication of Antique Asian Ceramic Art and the sharing and understanding of our various cultural values.

The fundamental idea is to encourage learning and mutual help in an increasingly difficult field, while putting all commercial considerations aside.

The road to learning should be traveled in good company.
Welcome to our Antique Chinese and Japanese Ceramics collector's help and information page - The Forum.

Jan-Erik Nilsson

§1. Purpose

The purpose of this Asian ceramic Art Collectors Community and Forum is to help, teach and pass on the hard to gain practical knowledge on how to authenticate genuine Asian Ceramic Antiques. This material knowledge is more complicated than the Arts History since it involves the question about if any specific item is actually genuine and not only "in the style of". We do this by encouraging experienced collectors of the various specialties in this area to clapping our various expert knowledge together and this forming a formidable knowledge resource, while in the same time educating each others. To make this work, all commercial considerations needs to be put aside. Areas of interest ranges from the appreciation of its artistic merits, to an understanding of its cultural and historical importance, to its artisan potting handicraft, to its worldwide distribution through various trade routes and East India Companies. Related areas within Asian Art and Antiques such as wood, jade, glass, ivory, snuff bottles, paintings and gold, silver, bronze, cloisonné, iron etc. are also covered. Discussions focus on the items at hand. No commercial activities are allowed - except the sale or promotion of books.

§2. Membership

Our members are a global community of collectors - from beginners to museum curators, academics, dealers, published authors and world renown experts - united by our interest in antique Chinese and Japanese pottery and porcelain. Active researchers with museum or university affiliations are eligible for a complimentary (free) membership.

1. To become a member of this Forum, first register a username/account.

2. Pay the membership fee. (Same page, scroll down to 2. Pay or Renew Membership Fee) Your membership will be activated by a moderator within 24 hours.

3. Memberships are available as a one year - 365 days - period at $29 or towards a monthly subscription at $9.95 USD.

4. If you want to support our Forum with a donation it is possible to choose any of the two higher 'gate' levels. The service provided is the same except that for the two higher levels we would be happy - if you agree - to list your name as a Sponsors.

5. The membership is annual, except the monthly subscription. When the year is up you will receive a few reminders through which you can renew your membership. If your membership is not renewed your account will silently expire with no further action needed from your side.

6. Monthly subscription needs to be terminated by you via your own Paypal account.

§3. No Commercial Intent

Do not use this Forum for anything outside its intended purpose, as exemplified but not limited to the following:

1. Do not post any items on this Forum for the sole purpose of just gaining information about something that you intend to buy or sell.

2. Do not use this Forum to advertise or offer anything for sale, not even indirectly - except books, which is highly encouraged.

3. Do not to post anything for discussion that is not yours.

4. Do not use your membership here to solicit members to any other website, board or social media.

5. Dealers and commercially active collectors are most welcome to participate in our Forum discussions from a collector's point of view, but make sure that you follow our rules and see too that your commercial affiliation will remain unnoticed by other members.

§4. Promotion of books and exhibitions allowed

Trade and promotion of good books, magazines and museum exhibitions are exempted from 'commercial intent' and actively encouraged. Anyone can review, sell, link to and promote books directly on our Forum.

§5. Allowed links and references

1. Links and references to books, published research, public databases and museum collections are allowed.

2. Links and references to pieces in major auction houses and their archives are allowed when relevant and the purpose is entirely and unquestionably educational.

3. Do not link to outside photo services for images. Post them with your questions. Links will expire and render the page useless, and provides a security threat. Outward links are as a rule NOT safe to click.

§6. Style of communication and participation

1. While expressing your opinion, use the same courtesy as if you were speaking face to face with another person, and focus on the item at hand, not the individuals who might or might not share your view.

2. Remember that new insights might be hurtful to others. Be a good friend. Use tact and do not write anything on this board that you would not say in person.

3. Our discussions are sensible conversation where the participants are allowed to think and formulate their own opinions based on logic and their own experience.

4. When possible refer to research, literature, published examples and verifiable data, since this encourages more qualified experts and professionals to participate.

5. Even if you disagree, state your point and remain respectful in your communication with the person expressing a different view.

6. Please feel free to contact a moderator if you feel any ongoing communication is developing towards something that is not accepted under board rules.

7. Any discussion can be left open, without a final conclusion having been reached, since the page will not disappear and more data might surface in time, even after several years.

8. Defamatory, profane, racist or disrespectful messages are not allowed, as are postings pro or con any political or religious cause, etc.

9. Help create a pleasant reading environment. Write your posts in full sentences with capital letter for the first word in a sentence. Use punctuation and commas to break long sentences etc. and DON'T USE CAPITAL LETTERS for an entire text.

§7. Forum language

Our preferred language is English. While inscriptions, terms and technicalities often need to be discussed in their original language, posting messages in any language that is not spoken by the majority of the members is not advisable.

§8. Forum Moderators - our Dragons

1. Over the years some of our most senior members have volunteered to guide our many members and to help them find their way on our Forum. These are our esteemed Moderators - Dragons - who are contributing time, effort and experience as a labor of love.

2. Moderators can edit threads, move discussions to different topics, close discussions and edit content of individual postings without prior consent of the poster.

3. Moderators will look after the integrity of the our Forum and ensure that its rules and policy are followed.

4. Regardless of what otherwise is stated here, the Moderators' task to moderate and guide takes precedence over the board rules, including the right to link to anything they need or want to show, and to use pieces in their own collections that might or not, be currently for sale.

5. If a member breaks the rules and policies of this Board, his or her account can be suspended by a moderator until the matter has been settled.

6. All moderators work independent of each other and do not consult with each other. They make their decisions based on experience and in the best interest of our Forum. Please don't make their task more complicated by arguing their decisions.

§9. Copyright and Privacy Agreement

The Gotheborg Forum is a closed and private community where confidentiality is a criteria for membership. do not collect, share, sell, combine or otherwise use any information about its members or their interests.

All communication that takes place between our member, is privileged communication and is not allowed to be shared to anyone outside of this community. and its representatives explicitly disclaims all liability and responsibility for any representation, statement or information made, communicated, or furnished (orally or in writing) to anyone outside of this board.

Any consequences from any disclosure of any communication from inside this closed and private community is the sole responsibility of the one disclosing the communication and might lead to the termination of the offenders membership.

If a member break the Copyright and Privacy rules of this Board; such as harvesting of email addresses, downloading or sharing any copyrighted material such as but not limited to images, shared opinions or any privileged board communication, etc., the offending members account might be permanently banned and any remaining membership fee forfeited.

The administration reserves the right to block any IP address from ever again accessing any part of the website including but not limited to the Forum.

§10. Code of Ethics

Due to our long-standing support of academic courtesy and scholarship, it is expected that all members and sponsors of the Forum and related pages:

1. At all times act according to what good ethics encompass.

2. Never knowingly misrepresent any item in their collections.

3. Not willfully change, restore or deface any historical artifacts in their possession without considering its cultural value and the damage any such action might incur.

§11. Copyright

1. Whatever you write, submit or upload to this site remains your copyrighted property, but by submitting pictures and texts to you automatically grant the Forum and related web page permission to display, store and publish this material at the Forum and related web page, or in any derivative form that might occur.

2. Any published works can be cited and excerpts published on this site by the same rules that regulate any academic work and papers and should be properly referenced.

3. Due to our cooperation with Georges Bouvier and his specialist's site on Japanese Kutani porcelain, your permission towards this site to store, display and publish pictures and information is extended also to Georges Bouvier and

4. If you believe that someone improperly has submitted any copyrighted material belonging to you, to the Forum and web page, please contact me to grant this permission yourself with proper credits given, or to have the material removed.

§12. Disclaimer on service provided expressly disclaims all warranties as to the validity, benefits or usefulness of any information, methods and materials you might obtain information regarding, or through any text, pictures, messages, links to or from, any person, organization or company listed or not listed, implied or otherwise found, met with or referred to on or through the Forum, related web pages or links.

Any handling at all of any items may permanently harm or destroy them, let alone any use of chemicals. Any materials and methods can be harmful and dangerous towards any items as well as humans and other living beings. Use utmost care when handling anything of value and always consult with professionals when in doubt.

Please be advised that any actual use of the information found here is solely at your own risk and responsibility. You are explicitly asked to use your own good judgment before coming to any conclusions on your own and in all instances consult with professionals that can study any object under discussion in person before making any financial or other decisions.

By accessing the information offered here you acknowledge that this our Board Rules, Policies, Participation and Privacy is read and understood, and that you expressly agree that any use of this Forum and related web pages or links is at your own risk.

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