Know any books on fakes?

Do you know of any books that cover on such topics as identifying fakes and reproductions of Chinese ceramics. The only reference that I have which has such a section is "Sotheby's Consise Encyclopedia of Porcelain". However it only covers the very basics with a few pages and covers both Contenential and Chinese ceramics. I would love to get my hand on a such a book that is dedicated to the subject. I've tried and other but had no luck.

No, but maybe we could write one?

There are a few attempts to write some on this subject but I truly believe it would be very hard to write a good book which not causes more problem then it solves.

I have been walking around the city of Jingdezhen, and there are, lets say 100 kiln heaps in the area, dating from the last ten centuries. The variations that occur inside the "genuine" material are so great I think it would even be hard to define in words what is to be considered "genuine" and "fake". And this is only Jingdehen.

I think one way to go about would be to define what is genuine in every group of pottery, and then everything else would be fakes. The first part of this, is really what they are trying to do in most books on ceramics.

I still understand what you mean, and would also be happy to find a book that describes the most common fakes.

Maybe I will try to do something of that sort on my pages. Do you - or anybody else reading this, have any suggestions about where to start - please email me :-)

Jan-Erik Nilsson


Thank you for your suggestions, I will do some thinking on this.

Jan-Erik Nilsson

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