Blue and white Jar

Hi. My grandma has this vase and I'm having a very difficult time finding any information about it. Could you tell me what period it looks like it's from?

Can you read what the bottom says (second picture)? Thanks so much for your help!

Probably Japanese

My best guess on your Grandma's jar is that it could be Japanese. I am in no way sure. The only thing I am really certain about, is that the jar is not Chinese.

One clue is the base mark where we can see a crossed circle. This is the "Mon" (family mark) of the Shimazo Family, traditional rulers of the Satsuma province. If this is not a coincidence, this might indicate that the jar could be an unusual blue and white Satsuma piece.

Now, I cannot see if there are any crackles in the glaze of the jar, which are the first and probably most important characteristic of Satsuma wares. If there are none, this would leave the question of the origin of your Grandma's jar a very open question.

Regarding a date this is less hard to tell and should be early to mid 20th century, judging from the shape, quality and decoration.

The gilded metal rim could also indicate that the piece is somehow intended for the South East Asia market, where this was a popular feature.

Jan-Erik Nilsson

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